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European Centre for Public Health Genomics

Welcome on the site of the ECPHG, a resource that we hope will be useful for those seeking information about our centre.



The ECPHG is the European centre of excellence and "think tank" in the field of Public Health Genomics (PHG) operating on national, European and international level and registred as a foundation (Stichting) in The Netherlands.

As an umbrella institution it aims at the advancement of interdisciplinary translational research through various fields of the sciences and the humanities (biomedicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biology, philosophy/ethics & bioethics, social and political sciences, economics, biolaw, epidemiology/biostatistics, public health) interdisciplinary and inter-institutional long-term co-operation and exchange across the boundaries of established academic disciplines as well as between relevant stakeholders in the healthcare systems across Europe.

Moreover, internal as well as external support allows not only to keep a leading position, but also to further develop the field. Furthermore, the ECPHG promotes strategic international partnerships between academics, industry and governmental bodies.



The website gives you further guidance on the focus of the department and on the research areas we work on.